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About Jenn

After moving to Jacksonville more 25 years ago, Jenn soon found Atlantic Beach and never looked to live anywhere else. A resident for more than 20 years, she has always loved the Atlantic Beach community for the history, diversity and the haven in which we live. Not a career politician, Jenn is a no-nonsense communicator who leads with finding the facts, uses common sense, timely resolutions and represent all residents equally. 

Jenn graduated from the University of Vermont and it was there she found her love for service and leadership with her roles of House Manager and House Steward for her sorority. Upon graduating, Jenn worked in the retail industry as a buyer, which is what brought her to the Jacksonville area. She earned her Master of Business Administration and Master of Human Resources Management from University of North Florida, holds professional certifications in human resources. and an active member of professional associations for facilities management and real estate. 

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Why Jenn

Jenn has 20+ years human resources experience, 25+ years project management and facilities management. She has worked with the city in various capacities including resident, homeowner, committee member, and board member. Her community service to Atlantic Beach includes:

  • serving as the president for 9 years of a 100-unit condominium association leading the property through various capital projects;

  • member of the COAB Parking & Pedestrian Safety Advisory Resource Committee (PPSARC 2017 - 2018); 

  • member of COAB Community Development Board (CDB 2020 - 2022).  

Jenn is, and always has been, one to help others, keep standards high, work hard, work smart but listen. Being a collaborative, creative problem solver and critical thinker, she leads by example but wants to hear from others. Jenn's management experience, focus on getting the facts, leveraging data while using common sense, she has proven experience in being a good steward of other people's money. 

What is her platform? She wants to hear from YOU but some priorities include: 

  • parking;

  • safety;

  • transparency;

  • infrastructure & resiliency;

  • fiduciary responsibility & accountability.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Jenn. She would love to hear from you and find out what is important to you. Email:

About : Bio
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